December 7, 2009

Baking Night -- Tues December 8th

Bring your recipes and lets cook up some fun. Everyone check your email for a more detailed idea of what we are doing. I am going to try and have some cookies pre-done to decorate as well. I hope you all can come and bake with us @ Jenns House. It will be one cozy kitchen. Cant wait to see you.

Check back later this week for the Christmas Party Details--Dec 15th.

November 19, 2009

Tues 24th -- A Baby Shower

Hope you all can make it, We are having a Baby Shower for Jamie and Nathan this week at Jenns House.

November 9, 2009

I Scream, You Scream, We all scream for Ice Cream...

We Meet at Leatherbys Ladies: Nov 10th @ 6:30.. See ya then. Call Jenn of Stephanie if you have any questions!

October 26, 2009

Meeting Place:

We will be meeting at Farmers Insurance (Mikes Office) on Victor Ave. @ 6:30. Depending on weather, we will either be there to fellowship or off to play a fun Youth Game. LOL!! Bigger or Better!!

See you then

October 12, 2009

We're Meeting Tuesday - 10/13/09

Tuesday night Women's Group will meet at Chevy's at 6:30 p.m. Jennifer and Stephanie will (or may) have a schedule of upcoming Tuesdays so we'll know how to plan. Hope to see you there!

October 2, 2009

Update on Leadership for Groups

Okay, so we have two volunteers for the Tuesday Night Group, Stephanie and Jennifer! Go for it girls, it's time to get us moving! :) Let me know when/if you want things posted here about meetings, etc., or if you'd like control of the blog (or another idea for communication?).

As for the Saturday group, we'll see if Robin and Leslie B. are moving forward on this or on hold for now. Once we know more, I'll get it posted here!

See you all soon at the Tuesday night group!

September 27, 2009

News on Resuming Women's Group 2009-2019, Reinvented!

Hello ladies,

A few of us enjoyed some discussion, prayer and planning at the kick-off meeting yesterday. Thank you Robin for all the work you did setting it up!

Here's the new proposed agenda for this year's Women's Group:

Tuesday nights (twice a month? TBA very soon) - Fellowship Night
This group will be probably be the same as what we've always done, some prayer requests/praise, maybe some Bunco, and just enjoying fellowship time with each other, a "get away from life and spend time with the girls" night!

Saturday mornings (monthly? TBA very soon) - Bible Study Group
This will a time of digging into scripture, prayer and a time for letting our hair down spiritually with each other so we can be each other's listeners, mentors and come alongside to love and pray with each other. This could be a Beth Moore study, or something similar.

Each of these groups will be led by a team of two who will lead the group in deciding where, how often to meet, what to do within that group, etc.


These two groups will meet separately but we are ALL encouraged and invited to attend both when/if you can as they will meet different needs. Each group will decide how often to meet, what they want to do, etc. You don't have to attend only one, and you can attend both every time or as you are able.

The hope is that we will remain one large group (along with the women in the sewing group) and occasionally get together for small retreats or an occasional large group gathering to keep us all bonded as Bridge Women. It will be up to the dual leaders of each group to help the groups get the retreats/get-togethers started in planning mode. BUT...that doesn't meant the leaders are expected to do it all, they are just the coordinator's. The women of Bridge are one large group and we want all of us (and anyone who attends but doesn't attend Bridge)to be in on the helping and planning so the work, and the fun, is spread evenly.

Don't just read this and move on, please leave your comments, suggestions for events, and your desire to get involved in the comments below so everyone is up to speed. We hope to get both groups going again very soon so let's look forward to our year!